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Herbal Face Steam

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This magical blend of anti aging plants + herbs will help bring touches of our youthful spirit + vitality up to the surface of our faces tat we shine to the world each day. Once steaming is through we can drink this earth found blend as a tea to lovingly nourish our bodies into their natural state of beauty + balance.

Ingredients: dried organic rose, dried arabic jasmine, dried organic nettles, dried organic comfrey leaves, dried chaga mushroom, + dried organic peppermint

4 oz jar

Suggested use: pour a handful of herbs into a small pot of water, cover, and bring to a soft boil. Turn down to low heat promptly and simmer for only 5 minutes. Remove from heat nd let stand covered for a few minutes slightly cool. Place hand towel over head and lean your face over the pot about 8" away. Uncover pot  and let steam soak into pouts for a few minutes. Once water has cooled further, strain our herbs and enjoy as a warm tea.

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