The Best Christmas Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign

Whether you’re stumped for secret Santa or really want to crush a gift for your crush (see what we did there?), you only need a person’s birthday to totally nail their present this year. Feel free to use this as inspo when making your holiday list for yourself too if you, like us, completely go blank whenever people ask you what you want. Whoops. 

Air Signs

a candle and two sunglasses

Do air signs think they’re better than you? Probably. That shouldn’t stop you from wowing them with an amazing Christmas present, though! This group of the zodiac like to consider themselves intellectuals, so getting them the perfect gift means thinking beyond your typical pair of mittens.  

Gemini Evil Queen Naughty or Nice Candle 

Geminis’ brains go 100mph (and often their bodies do too), so give them something that can deliver self-care quickly. This candle doesn’t have any of the nasty things you can find at the big box stores like phthalates or synthetic wicks (ew). Instead, your Gemini pal can take a few deep breaths of orange, cinnamon, clove, vetiver, and pine. Plus, they’ll appreciate the naughty or nice name since Geminis are known for their ever-changing moods, so that’s fun! 

Libra Oasis Tort Sunnies 

Libras barely have time for you and they definitely do not have time for any nonsense. Help them block out the haters with these Oasis Tort sunnies, the perfect item to bring on the go. They can throw these brown tortoiseshell sunglasses right in the backpack or purse without worrying about scratches (again, they do not have time for that) because they come with their own soft case. Problem solved! 

Aquarius Ruby Sunnies 

Libras aren’t the only ones who could use some good sunglasses. You know Aquarians are moving on to a new project all the time (and they will remind you constantly). What better way to reward their hard work than a super hip accessory, aka the Ruby Sunnies. These are handmade and also come with a case so they can easily be taken to their next big project. 

Water Signs 


two sweaters and a jumpsuit

Water signs. The emotional ones. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not crying 24/7! That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to be cheered up with a thoughtful gift, though. Gift-giving can seriously make or break your friendship with a water sign, so make sure you follow our excellent advice (or just give them a kitten; all water signs secretly want a kitten).  

Pisces – Debbie Stripe Sweater by MINK PINK 

We have yet to meet a Piscean who isn’t a little too cold most of the time. Physically cold, of course, because the only time a Piscean is emotionally cold would be when you’ve forgotten to get them a gift for Christmas. This snuggly sweater is perfect for keeping them nice and toasty, and it’s wool-free because you know they love animals! Gift this now and bask in their thoughtful thank you card later. 

Cancer – Sporty Spice Top 

Ariana Grande, well-known Cancer, popularized the sweater dress. This Sporty Spice Top crop sweater is its sleek, modern cousin. Cancers require a cozy place to hide, which this sweater provides, while serving up a dish of super-duper-stylish on the side. This mauve color is delicate and soft, just like our Cancer friends, while still packing a punch (which they will do if you insult their friends). 

Scorpio – Horizon S/S Boiler Suit by Rollas 

If you know anything about Scorpios, you know that they like to get a little nasty. They’re totally the person you want to bring to a party because they’re loyal af, but totally know how to have a good time. This Horizon S/S Boiler Suit by Rollas is going to be their go-to piece for a late night of partying or just singing karaoke in your living room, whatever their vibe is. 

Earth Signs  

pants, a candle, and a purse

Some people describe earth signs as chill, but a much better word would be focused. They could totally hate you and you’d probably never guess, because they have better things to do than let you know. These signs are also hard workers, so give them a little pampering this season! 

Taurus – Bossy Paperbag Pants 

Paperbag pants are such a good gift for a Taurus because they can easily transition from business boss in the AM to Netflix and chilling in the PM. These Bossy Paperbag Pants are perfect because their high waist means you don’t have to worry about sagging and the 100% cotton fabric means you don’t have to worry about overheating. No more worries! 

Virgo Woven Bag 

Virgos love to work hard (hello, Beyoncé!). That’s why this Woven Bag is the perfect gift-it transforms from a purse to a clutch in two seconds flat so they don’t have to slow down for any purse-emptying. Plus, the woven design makes it chic enough to bring along on any occasion from a coffee run to a dinner party. 

Capricorn Evil Queen Icy Bitch Candle

Is it rude to get someone the Evil Queen Icy Bitch Candle?  No, obviously. Capricorns are busy hustling all day, every day, so sometimes they just need some simplicity, like vanilla and peppermint. Have you seen the pile of things they have to do? It’s probably super organized, but there’s a lot of it. Let them take a few minutes to themselves to sit back, light a candle, and be calm for approximately twelve seconds of their day. 

Fire Signs 

a top, a coat, and a cardigan

Whether they’re introverts or extroverts, fire signs need attention. They absolutely can’t stand conforming, so people are usually paying attention to them when they step out their doors every day. Let their lights shine with some timeless statement pieces. 

AriesAries Top by LIRA

This one might seem obvious, but of course you should get your Aries friend the Aries Top by LIRA. It’s fun and functional, what more could you want? Did we mention it’s lightweight? Every Aries will appreciate that they can dance the night away in this top and still look cute after for some 3am burgers. 

LeoWinter is Coming Jacket 

Match a Leo’s big personality with this big coat! The Winter is Coming Jacket is checking all the boxes: it’s lined, it has a hood, and it’s super soft faux fur. Who said coats had to be boring anyway? Any Leo would be proud to be seen strutting their stuff in this plush coat. 

Sagittarius  Evening Light Cardigan by MINK PINK 

We love a cardigan moment for Sagittarians. This sign loves adventure whenever they can find it, so they need flexible pieces. This Evening Light Cardigan gives them a fun item to throw over any outfit and be ready for wherever life may take them. They’re just as likely to end up at Yale as in the Grand Canyon, and this cardigan will warm them up without slowing them down.

And remember we always have our new Zodiac necklaces to add onto your gift or as a stocking stuffer!

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