Five Easy at home Yoga Poses

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Here are five yoga poses that you can do at home by Ra Yoga instructor Lauren:

Hovering Tabletop

Press firmly in between both palms, shoulders away from ears, gaze long creating a long line from tailbone to crown of the head.



Chair Pose

Weight in heels option for big toes touching or feet hip distance. Neutral tuck of the pelvis, like you naturally would have sit-in gin a chair with bellybutton to spine and shoulders away from the ears.

Three Legged Dog

Keep a micro bend in the supporting leg, opposite leg reaches towards the sky. Hips stay square (reminder: let doesn't have to get super high). Shoulder roll up and down your back.


Warrior II

Back heel spins down on the mat, foot is parallel and leg has a 90 degree bend & the thigh is externally rotated. Arms long and strong, gaze over front fingertips.

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