How to Transition Your Hot Girl Summer to Autumn

Hot Girl Summer is coming to a close and cool weather is blowing into town, so what are you supposed to do with your summer wardrobe? Chuck it in the ocean? No, that’s bad for the turtles. Don’t stress it, we’re here with all the insights for using those summer pieces long after you’ve turned off the AC. 

Chunky Sweater, Meet Short Sleeved Collared Shirt! 

We love pairing our fall sweaters with a contrasting collared short-sleeve shirt underneath. This is perfect for those days that start off chilly but warm up mid-day before plunging back into the cold zone once the sun has said goodbye. You’ll be prepared for whatever weather pops up, and look cute to boot! Missing some of these pieces in your closet? Try out our Genie sweater paired with our Very Berry!

Smocked or Cropped + Denim = Match Made in Heaven.

You’ve been seeing smocking and crop tops everywhere this summer, but how do you make them work for the fall? Pair them with some denim, of course! We’re not talking about jeans (although, definitely do that), we’re talking denim jackets. Accessorize them with pins and patches or keep it clean for a more dressed-up style. The jacket will keep your arms from getting too cold while you rock your summer top beneath for a spectacular combination. A dark denim jacket like our Saturday Night Fever denim jacket will fit perfectly over a dark top like our Smocked Top for a monochromatic bombshell!

Dresses: 2 Ways

We can’t let go of our slip dresses, even if the temperatures are dropping, so it’s a good thing there are multiple ways to keep these in our wardrobe rotation. Option 1: sweater time. Throw a soft sweater on top of your dress and some tights under and you have yourself a certifiable fall outfit. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a sweater softer than our Vira Knit sweater, which would be perfect over the clean lines of our Take Charge Dress! What if it’s not quite cold enough for sweaters, though? Enter, option 2: throw some sleeves under it. Take your favorite long-sleeve bodysuit and layer it under your dress for a cute combo that’s a little cooler than a sweater. This is a fun way to play with print and pattern mixing, like taking the leopard print of our Keep Up Dress and adding a fun band tee under for a playful pop (or even something as colorful as the Rita dress)!

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Nothing ties together a transitional outfit like the small details. Adding a beret or a pair of booties can be the finishing touch you need to make sure you look like a presentable human who knows how to dress themselves. You’ve got this. (P.S. Just for good measure, you might as well add this statement necklace. You know, for fun.)

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