Gold Filled vs Gold Plated

The most asked question we get in the shop: "is this gold filled or plated"?  We asked our favorite jewelry brand May Martin Inc. to point out the differences between gold filled and gold plated jewelry. Shop all things May Martin here

Gold Filled vs Gold Plated

Gold filled jewelry has 100x more gold alloy than gold plated and because the later is much thicker, it means gold filled jewelry lasts longer and stands up better to wear and tear. Minimal wear on a gold plated piece would expose the base metal.


gold filled vs gold plated jewelry

The thick layer on gold filled pieces helps prevent tarnishing. A well cared for piece can last a lifetime. Gold filled pieces can still tarnish, but only over time if not properly cared for. Everyone's body chemistry is different and the longevity of a piece can vary for each individual.

Gold filled Jewelry Care

Do not wear in swimming pools or hot tubs! Chemicals in the water will damage your gold filled jewelry.

Sleeping, working out, wearing cosmetics such as makeup remover, sun screen and perfume is not advised while wearing your jewelry.

Store in an air tight plastic baggie while not being worn.

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