Five Ways to Reduce Toxins in your Life

Are you looking to live a cleaner lifestyle? I asked my friends over at Fill Up, Buttercup  to give us five easy ways to switch over to non toxic habits.  Make sure to check out their store front in Costa Mesa, or shop all things non toxic on their website:

1. Avoid cooking with teflon and/or nonstick pans

Nonstick pans are made with a chemical called PFOA and regular exposure is linked to various cancers and thyroid disease. Although cleaning pots and pans can sometimes be a bugger, investing in a pan that is not leeching harmful chemicals into your food and consequently your digestive system is well worth your time. Both stainless steel pots and cast iron pans are natural, nontoxic ways to reduce the toxic burden in your body.

Action: Invest in a cast iron. Available at Target for around $30. Resource: Dark Waters 2019 film

 2. Ground through your feet

Do you spend time barefoot?
The benefits of “grounding” ie. (walking barefoot outside in nature) are endless. Like, decreases in inflammation, increased blood flow, stress reduction and deeper connection to earth.

Action: Take a barefoot walk on the beach, hike without shoes, step into your backyard for 10 minutes a day. The best part, this exercise is free and a great way to detoxify your body and mind.
Resource: Benefits of connecting with the earth found here.

3. Start eliminating toxic cleaners in the laundry room

Almost all of us have had some sort of skin issue throughout our lifetime. At Fill Up Buttercup we like to ask our customers what they are using to clean and dry their sheets, towels, clothing, and other household items. More often than not acne, rashes, and eczema are being exacerbated by the use of highly scented, dyed, and chemically produced detergents. Swap out toxic detergent for our nontoxic laundry wash powder, liquid detergent, or Dropps pods. All products we supply at Fill Up Buttercup and love ourselves.

Action: Use up your current detergent before swapping it for a nontoxic alternative. Resource: Check out available nontoxic detergents here.

4. Reduce your consumption of artificial fragrances

Ever walk down the candle aisle and feel nauseous? Us too. Did you know the word “fragrance” in products can mean anything since brands don’t have to disclose “proprietary information”? Yes you heard that right, companies in the US are not required to disclose what exactly the ingredient fragrance in their product means. Reducing use of fragrances in your personal care routine, cleaning products, and household items will have a positive impact on your respiratory system and skin. Look for products with scents derived from plants instead of synthetically derived or avoid scented products altogether.

Action: We highly recommend ditching air fresheners, perfumes, and colognes. Looking for a healthy air freshener replacement? Come visit us at Fill Up Buttercup.
Resource: Environmental Working Group definition of fragrance.

5. Use 30% vinegar instead of chlorinated bleach

Did you know? You have more options than bleach when it comes to disinfecting and spot treating laundry and cleaning your home! A cleaning agent should be a gentle disinfectant that gets rid of most germs but doesn’t consume everything in sight like a hungry anteater. Bleach has the power to cause irritation almost immediately when placed on skin and eyes, a strong giveaway that bleach has no place in your home. At Fill Up Buttercup we recommend substituting bleach for 30% vinegar. A stronger concentration of vinegar than found in most stores that gives a deeper clean.

Action: Substitute bleach in the home for 30% vinegar.
Resource: Environmental Work Group definition of sodium hypochlorite.

Written by: Kristina Guccione

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