Be Cute in the Living Room

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, which leads to the inevitable question: what am I going to wear? Between stuffing a turkey and stuffing your face, there is little time left for outfit prep. That's why we're here with foolproof strategies for cute looks you can be thankful for this holiday.


To Tee or not to Tee

two pictures of a woman wearing a shirt with a tiger face on it, she is also wearing a long cardigan in one picture

A tee is everyone's fashion best friend. You can dress them up or down depending on the look you're trying to achieve and a good quality tee can last for a very long time. If you're not peering out at snow this Thanksgiving, a t-shirt on its own is all you need. If you're further east, you might want to layer a cozy cardigan over top for the blustery weather while still having the option to strip down to your tee if the room gets too toasty when all your aunts and uncles show up for dinner. For a super soft, vintage vibe pick up our Jazz tee, which comes in black and white colors for whatever outfit needs you have.


It's Called Sweater Weather for a Reason

two pictures of a woman wearing a cream sweater and a hat

Unless you walk around swaddled in your duvet, it doesn't get more comfortable than rocking a warm sweater on a brisk day. Long gone are the days of your grandma's tacky embroidered squirrel sweater, you can have fashion and fun with a knit beauty like the Make a Move Sweater with its roomy sleeves and chic cutout designs. Don't stress about how much pecan pie you're indulging in when you have a sweater on, there's always room for more. 


No Pants? No Problem!

a woman wearing a long, flowy tan dress and a woman wearing a short, spotted dress

Received a sudden invitation from your boo to attend their family Thanksgiving? No need to panic about how to impress both their mom and their super cool cousin who lived in New York, with a dress you are always dressed to impress (see what we did there?). For a more casual affair, pair it with biker boots and a cool hat, like we did with our Fall for Leopard dress. Need to class it up? A long, flowy piece like the On the Spot dress will trail behind you effortlessly and needs only the simplest of jewelry to help you shine. 


Don't Forget Your Bag!

a mustard-colored clutch and a small, rhinestone bag

No matter how cute you look, emergencies can happen to any of us. Make sure you're bringing a bag that's cute and packed with your essentials - phone, keys, wallet, antacids, bobby pins, and mints are a good start. You can carry something like our Stylist Clutch for a sophisticated vibe and a cool mustard pop or keep everything attached to your person in a petite package with the Sparkle Bag.

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